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Welcome to Lakeland Cultural Arts Center

Lakeland Theatre Company And Cultural Arts Center is a nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to enrich, educate and entertain our community by providing a superior theatre experience.

We provide encouragement for all levels of volunteer involvement and recognize these contributions as crucial to the success of Lakeland’s productions and programs. We provide a supportive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, ability or background. Volunteers are essential to the success of Lakeland Theatre Company.

We are committed to reaching out to new audiences, patrons and volunteers that are reflective of the community that we serve. We provide affordable, accessible and diverse programs to achieve participation by all segments of our community.

We provide life-long learning opportunities for people of all ages, particularly children, through the art of theatre.

We actively strive to achieve excellence in all of our programs as well as to maintain the artistic integrity of our productions to the highest standards possible. We also reserve the right to take artistic risk and to make mistakes while striving for excellence in all of our endeavors.

We seek to play a role as a community leader, forming partnerships and collaborations with other arts disciplines, and acting as a resource for cultural policymakers. Also, we seek to develop leaders within our organization through training and education programs.

Our very own Lakeland Cultural Arts Center started with a dream 40 years ago and is now realizing a wonderful vision! Capitalizing on remarkable grassroots efforts, Lakeland is excited to be part of the revitalization efforts currently underway across the region! Committed to offering educational and entertainment experiences to our entire community across all types of cultural arts, Lakeland Cultural Arts Center is excited to embark upon this amazing venture creating its future while preserving its incredible history!

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Major Expansions & Renovations Press Release

Major Expansion and Renovations at in progress at Lakeland Cultural Arts Center The Board of Directors is excited to announce that Lakeland Cultural Arts Center has entered into a partnership with the Ed Fitts Charitable Foundation to update and...

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For immediate release: March 13, 2020 Lakeland Cultural Arts Center... In accordance with advice from state public health experts, the state of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency due to the COV19 (Coronavirus). Lakeland Cultural Arts...

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