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Here is what Lakeland means to me!

When I think of Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, I think of the heritage and history of a rural agricultural community, and how that community has had to change and adapt to move into the future.

I think of the multitude of children who spent their academic years roaming the hallowed halls of the historic campus, and can now return to continue their cultural growth. I think of the prosperous years ahead for a community that refuses to roll up the rugs, lock the doors, and go quietly into the night. The grounds, the instructors, the camaraderie, the lessons, the love, and the loss; Lakeland CAC and Littleton High School have been shaping our community for a century, and with the love and support of the good people in this community, and from points far and wide, it will continue to do so for at least a hundred more years. I'm just honored to be able to help write this chapter of the story.

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